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Transport / Re: Major timetable change May 2018
« Last post by Local Walker on May 25, 2018, 07:05:08 pm »
Could I have some advice? I know the results from the weekend consultation will be published in June. However checking several consecutive Sundays, it has shown that local Great Northern services are a lot worse. It is still staying hourly, which to me makes no sense but more importantly there is no longer a connection with the Peterborough services at Stevenage or Hitchin (or rather there is, but you have to wait 54 minutes rather than the previous 6). Should I wait until the consultation results are published or should I start a petition online now?

It says on National Rail that Great Northern and Thameslink are running to an interim timetable but it also seems to imply on National Rail that these new services on Sundays are going to stay as they are, with the exception of during engineering works.

Tell me, what is the point of say travelling from WGC to Finsbury Park to reduce the connection time with a Peterborough train rather than travelling a couple of stops north?
Environment / Re: Short and long walks in the local countryside
« Last post by Editor on May 24, 2018, 05:17:53 pm »
Fancy a spot of ghost-hunting over the bank holiday weekend. See if you can spot Dick Turpin's ghost at Bridgefoot bridge over Mimmshall Brook. Or you might see the witch dressed in black, or the swarm of black 'repulsive' flies. We didn't see any when we walked, mapped and wrote directions for the route. It's a good 8.5 miles which starts and finishes at Potters Bar station, although you can park on St Mary's Church Road and pick the walk up at point 7 in our directions. The Mimmshall Brook Loop is walk 65 in our collection of walks in the local countryside, now uploaded to our Hertfordshire Walker site.

Transport / Re: Major timetable change May 2018
« Last post by Nimbus on May 24, 2018, 05:01:20 pm »
Education / Re: Brookmans Park Village Day 2018
« Last post by Helen on May 24, 2018, 11:14:20 am »
Our Online Auction is now live! We have almost 50 lots up for grabs, so whether you fancy exhilaration or relaxation, a treat for the kids or for the whole family, there's something for everyone. Take a look at the attached document for an idea of the lots, or place a bid using link below:

Bidding closes at 10pm on Friday 8th June.

In addition, our live auction will take place at 3.00pm on Village Day as usual.

Thanks for your support.
Environment / Re: Is this a wasp, a bee, or a hornet?
« Last post by Nimbus on May 23, 2018, 09:24:03 am »
I'd say it's none of the above, more a Hover Fly, though it is chubbier and hairier than those I see in my garden.
Transport / Re: Potholes along Jonas Way - urgent attention required
« Last post by Editor on May 23, 2018, 07:51:47 am »
The Welwyn Hatfield Times has a piece on the potholes on Jonas Way leading to Gobions Open Space.  Apparently the issue is being discussed at the North Mymms Parish Council meeting at the end of the month.

Private road's 'crater' potholes spark campaign for resurfacing work
Environment / Is this a wasp, a bee, or a hornet?
« Last post by Editor on May 23, 2018, 07:04:11 am »
It's about half an inch long.
Transport / Station Road grids blocked with gravel following resurfacing work
« Last post by Editor on May 23, 2018, 06:55:57 am »
The county has been notified and the contractor has until the end of the month to clean up. Please feel free to add any information or comments at the end of the piece on North Mymms News.

Station Road grids blocked with gravel
It was announced at the start of the year that the Brookmans Park Newsletter is changing. This is an update on how those changes are progressing, and what can be expected in the six weeks leading up to the introduction of a new arrangement with our hosting company, The Positive Internet Company.

On the face of it, not a lot will appear to have changed. There will still be a Brookmans Park Newsletter home page, accessed via the usual web address of

Updated, refreshed, and enhanced

The majority of the content on the Brookmans Park Newsletter has been revised, improved, and given new homes. All the history content has been moved to the North Mymms History Project, all the walks to Hertfordshire Walker, and much of the local information is now on North Mymms News. New information is being added to all three sites all the time.

Daily email updates

All three sites mentioned above offer daily email updates. Simply go to the sites, click on the 'free email updates' link on the top right of any page, and sign up to be alerted when new history features, new local walks, or local news and information is added. The daily digest for the site you sign up for will be sent out between 5pm and 7pm each day, but only if new content has been added. So instead of having to check the sites, you will receive notifications once a day if there is any new information to share.

Comment on everything

You have the option to comment on any of the posts on the history, walks, or news & information sites. Every article posted on all three sites has a comment box at the bottom. At the moment those comments can be made anonymously, although it's always nice if those offering feedback introduce themselves. Because anonymous posts are allowed there will be a delay in the publication of those comments while they are checked. This policy might change to registered members only if the anonymous option causes problems.

Bookmarked links

Any old links to a page in the former history, walks, or news sections will automatically redirect to the new sites. So nothing of any value has been lost. There will still be prominent links to all three sites on the Brookmans Park Newsletter home page.

Weather, trains, and discussions

The Brookmans Park Newsletter home page will continue to display the local weather and train updates, but the future of the forum is unclear, other than it will continue until the end of June. At that point it will have either been taken over by a new community group, or it will disappear. If someone offers to take over the discussion forum it will have to move to a new home. Whether or not the discussions continue to be showcased on the front page of the Brookmans Park Newsletter will depend on the editorial ethics adopted by those running the forum.

Privacy and forum membership

For privacy reasons, any changes to the forum ownership will be posted in the forum. This is so that registered members can decide whether they want to retain their accounts. The forum has a database of more than 1,000 registered members going back to 2005.

Twitter updates

At the top of the Brookmans Park Newsletter you will find the Twitter feeds for the three new sites. They are @NorthMymmsPast, @NorthMymmsNews, and @HertsWalker. There you will find the latest tweets and links so that you can follow the feeds you want.


The former Brookmans Park Newsletter Facebook page has a new admin, and has been given a new name. It's now called Brookmans Park Local News and Events. Registered Facebook members should make sure that they are happy with the change. The Brookmans Park Newsletter is no longer on Facebook and has nothing to do with the new Facebook page.

Contributions welcome

The slogan for the Brookmans Park Newsletter has always been "content created by the community for the community", and that will continue. There are contact forms for the three new sites (bottom right of every page on each site). Please get in touch if you have a history feature to suggest, a local walk you would like to comment on, or a news item you would like to suggest, publish, or discuss. If you want to write for any of the three sites, please let me know.


All content on North Mymms News and Hertfordshire Walker is published under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0. Which means anyone is free to use, adapt, and publish the content on condition that they:
  • Offer attribution and a link to the original source of the material
  • That the material they produce is shared under the same Creative Commons license
  • That the material is used for non-commercial purposes only.
The same is true for much of the content on the North Mymms History Project except where the copyright for certain elements belongs to others. In all cases that is made clear.

So why the changes?

The are two main reasons for these changes. One is costs, the other is forward planning.


The old hosting arrangement with The Positive Internet Company was costing around 200 a year - the new arrangement costs about 20 a year. The most expensive element has been the forum.

Positive, who hosted the Brookmans Park Newsletter free-of-charge from 1998 to 2010, would have continued to do so, but I took the decision in 2010 to cover the costs by displaying Google adverts. I thought Positive had been generous enough, and I became aware that the site had grown to five times the size of the originally agreed free space allocated to the project.

At first, the revenue from the Google ads more than covered the costs of hosting and domain renewal, but by late 2017 it became clear that a fall in forum usage, and the resulting drop in Google income, meant that the site was no longer self-sustainable.

Forward planning

The old site is registered in my name, so if anything happens to me everything is lost. Now all the content is on platforms that will continue long after I am history.

Looking forward

I hope you continue to find the Brookmans Park Newsletter and the three associated new sites useful. Please do consider signing up for email updates, and please add any comments to the pieces you read, or suggest stories, history features, or local walks that should be covered.

In the meantime, the team behind the North Mymms History Project, and the two of us who keep adding new routes to Hertfordshire Walker, as well as those who update North Mymms News, will continue to upload new content specifically designed to try to enrich the experience of living in the local area.
Environment / Re: Is this Japanese knotweed?
« Last post by Editor on May 22, 2018, 01:32:42 pm »
An update on the Japanese knotweed story. The parish council is hiring a specialist firm to remove the non-native, invasive plant. Feel free to add any comments to the article on North Mymms News.

Five-year plan to eradicate Japanese knotweed
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