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Title: Xmas collection for the local homeless
Post by: Editor on December 15, 2017, 08:57:21 am

The Digswell Community Gardening Project ( is putting together care packages for the homeless this Xmas. Items required include basic toiletries, warm clothes, water, food, and books. A longer list below. The project offers training for people from the local community "giving them the opportunity to experience a supportive working environment". There is a collection point at the nursery. More information on the project's Facebook page ( (Declaration of interest: My wife works as a volunteer helper)

* Toothpaste
* Toothbrushes
* Hand Sanitizer
* First Aid
* Deodorant (Unisex)
* Baby wipes
* Sanitary products
* Soap/Shower Gel (Unisex)
* Razors/Shaving Foam
* Moisturiser

* Socks and underwear (new only please)
* Hats
* Scarves
* Gloves
* Thermals
* Jogging bottoms/Trousers
* Jumpers/Hoodies
* T-shirts
* Winter coats
* Winter shoes/boots

Food & Drink
* Water
* Food - dried fruit/crackers/granola bars
(Anything that will be energy based/long life/no prep needed/etc)