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Title: Raw Sewage escaping - Woodlands/Shrublands area
Post by: James Bentall on October 18, 2017, 01:29:48 pm
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Residents in Woodlands noticed a foul smell coming from the brook in the copse in woodlands.  Thames water tells us that someone has connected a sewage pipe into the rainwater pipe.   Hence raw sewage has been flowing into the brooks which finally end up in Gobians Wood. Thames Water say they have put sandbags in somewhere in Shrublands to stop the sewage and that they are investigating where the sewage is coming from.

I telephoned Thames water today and they don't seem to be doing anything and have told me to let them know if we smell sewage
This is a huge health hazard and we need to establish where building work has been done where the pipes may have been wrongly connected
If anyone living near a brook smells a foul smell or have any information please ring Thames water on 08003169800

Thank you

Sue Lawrence

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