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Title: A telephone cold call pretending to be from BT - probably a scam
Post by: Editor on April 20, 2017, 04:59:29 pm
I had another of those annoying cold calls today, the ones where you answer the phone, you can hear background noise, and then after a short delay and me saying 'hello' a few times, someone responds.

Caller: "Am I speaking to the owner of the house?"
Me: "Who wants to know?" (I am not usually that blunt, but I get a lot of these calls)
Caller: "Sir, I am from BT, you have a problem with your router, there is a virus, a dangerous virus. I can help you clear it by taking you through a few simple steps. Are you logged on to your router at the moment"
Me: "Are you really from BT? What is your name and staff number".
Caller gets a bit prickly: "Do you want your router fixed or not!"
Me: "It's not broken and is working fine, who are you?".

Line goes dead

I contacted BT straight after and asked them had anyone called me about my router. They did a check after carrying out the normal security questions and confirmed that my router is fine, there hadn't been an issue raised, and the call was not from BT. The assistant thanked me for reporting and said the information would be passed on to their security team.