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Title: Shed break-ins Brookmans Park & Welham Green
Post by: Editor on March 16, 2017, 08:26:55 pm
From Herts police... (message copied as received)

Dear Watch Member,

We have over the last couple of months had several shed break ins in and around the area  of Welham Green and Brookmans Park .

We are advising ;

Secure your rear garden by locking any gates ,you should check any boundary fences to make sure they are secure and well maintained .

Dont leave any valuables in the sheds or garages .

Get a good quality closed shackle lock for your shed and/or an alarmed padlock .

Lock your shed whenever you go out

Tools and garden equipment should be clearly marked with your postcode and house number  ,you can also mark with an ultra violet pen ,this may deter thieves and help police in returning any found equipment to their rightful owner .

Bikes ,mark up with Ultra violet pen house number and postcode on the under side of the bike ,and put clear lacquer or nail varnish on to seal the marking after it has dried .

Shed alarms can act as a deterrent and make you aware if someone is trying to break into your shed or garage .