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Title: Welham Green station turns 30 this month
Post by: Editor on September 14, 2016, 07:50:41 pm
The first train to leave Welham Green station on Monday 29 September 1986 - Image by Ron Kingdon

30 years ago residents in Welham Green had to travel to Brookmans Park or Hatfield to catch the train. Strange to think that as recently as 1986 such a large community was not connected to the rail network. Residents had been campaigning for a station for 100 years, and on Monday 29 September 1986 they got their wish. We have a feature on the site about the 100-year campaign for Welham Green station ( Please share your memories below if you were at the opening of the station, or about how it changed your journey to work or school.

Crowds of onlookers gather for the opening - Image by Ron Kingdon

The first day return tickets to be issued from Welham Green station - Image by Ron Kingdon