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Title: Three cars stolen from drive of house on Mymms Drive
Post by: Editor on August 17, 2016, 08:29:54 pm
Police say three cars were stolen from the drive of a house in Mymms Drive in the early hours of Wednesday (August 17). Apparently the owners saw no sign of forced entry, and all doors and window ďappear to be secureĒ. Itís thought the theft happened between 1am and 5.36am. Police are asking for anyone who saw anything suspicious to contact the non-emergency number 101 and quote crime reference B2/16/3349. Officers have issued the following advice for local residents:

- Please ensure that you lock all doors and windows and report any suspicious behaviour as soon as possible. 
- Make a habit of checking that ground floor windows and doors are closed and locked when you leave the house or go to bed. Upstairs windows should be locked when the house is unoccupied.  UVPC doors must be locked by lifting the handle and using the key to ensure all the security features are in place.
- Car and house keys should be kept out of sight in a safe place. Donít leave them on display on window sills, in porches, hallways or kitchens.
- Why not be a good neighbour - if they are out, help deter burglars and give their home the lived-in look by putting away their emptied rubbish bins.  You can also help by keeping a look out for unusual callers in your neighbourhood, and call the police if you see anyone acting suspiciously. Keep a pen and some paper handy. The car number you jot down may be just what the police need to catch a burglar.
Title: Re: Three cars stolen from drive of house on Mymms Drive
Post by: Editor on August 20, 2016, 07:44:58 am
More details posted about this on our Facebook page (

There were signs of forced entry which were not spotted immediately as the chain was still on the front door from the inside. It looks like a crowbar has been used to force the door. Still unclear how they got in. Horrendous and sickening feeling to think they were in the house, while 2 adults and more to the point 3 children were sleeping!!!!!