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Title: London Marathon 2016 - Local Participants
Post by: Ferdie on January 24, 2016, 04:46:18 pm
With just 90 days to go, I am sure there will be a number of local people taking part in this years Virgin Money London Marathon on 24th April 2016. Perhaps it would be good if those who are taking part could add to this thread to not only share the fact they are taking part, but also to direct users of this website to any charity fund raising pages that participants may have set up.

So, nothing like self promotion...  ;D  I for one am taking part. I will be raising money for the Herts MS Therapy Centre, ( They cover Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, North London and beyond and provide assistance to people with all sorts of neurological conditions, not just multiple sclerosis and also where patients have been debilitated through other ailments like, heart attack, stroke and cancer. So often, suffers lose their jobs or have huge additional outlay due to their condition. That is where the Charity can step in and help. 

I last took part in the London Marathon in 2005, so whilst I know what I'm letting myself in for, I'm now 11 years older - and I wasn't young then! If you would like to sponsor this worthy cause, please visit (

Alternatively you can text a donation, Just text the message HMST06 (plus the amount of your donation) i.e. HMST06 10 to 70070 - to donate 10 direct to the Herts MS Therapy Centre. You will still get the chance to GiftAid subsequently on line by following the instructions that will be texted back with your receipt. The text will cost no more than the amount of your donation, plus the cost of 1 text message at your standard message rate, which for most people these days is included in your tariff.

If you happen to have seen a decrepit man in black shorts, thinning grey hair and a bright yellow MS Therapy Centre T shirt wobbling through Brookmans Park and Welham Green earlier, that would have been me out on a training 'run'! My target is not so much as to run the marathon, but complete it. I've pledged to raise 2500 and with the generosity of friends, family and the local community, I hope I can.

So, if you or someone you know locally is also taking part in this years London Marathon, please add your posting to this thread so there will then be a choice of worthy causes for users of this website to make their generous donations. Maybe, people will want to contribute to all of them!
Title: Re: London Marathon 2016 - Local Participants
Post by: KatherineEames on February 22, 2016, 10:43:22 pm
Hello all!

I am running too for Alzheimer's Research UK. I live in Welham Green and have discovered so many new places whilst I've been out there training. It's been a tough winter of long cold runs but it will all be worth it once I get to the start line.

Sponsor me and read my story here: (

Thank You!
Title: Re: London Marathon 2016 - Local Participants
Post by: Ferdie on April 23, 2016, 02:13:39 pm
So, Marathon Day is tomorrow! If there are other local participants other than me and Katherine, good luck! If you are planning to spectate, it is looking like you'll need to wrap up warm! Thank you to all have contributed to my fund raising and I'm sure Katherine would want to say the same.
Title: Re: London Marathon 2016 - Local Participants
Post by: Ferdie on April 26, 2016, 01:52:19 pm
Just to confirm that I completed the Marathon on Sunday and have already exceeded my target fund raising for the Hertfordshire MS Therapy Centre in excess of 2700 to date. Thanks to all who supported my efforts financially.