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Title: Tangmere at Brookmans Park Station with a White Rose
Post by: sgoldswo on February 16, 2015, 08:43:02 pm
A Valentine's White Rose in fact (a steam charter service from London to York). I had popped down to Brookmans Park Station in December to see one of the last visits of Bittern, a beautiful blue Class A4, before it was taken out of service for refurbishment, but it was so dark I struggled for focus and the results were very noisy. This Saturday morning offered a better chance of photos of a Class A4 as Union of South Africa was due to pass through Brookmans Park on its way up to York at the same time of the morning, but of course now the light is much better.
( ( Approaching ( by sgoldswo (, on Flickr

There were fewer people at the station this time (just one other local couple other than me), perhaps people knew that Union of South Africa had been replaced by Tangmere, a "Battle of Britain" class Locomotive, uncharitably known as a "Spam Can".
( ( Rose through Brookmans ( by sgoldswo (, on Flickr

The Battle of Britain Class is a funny looking old Locomotive to be sure (one of the last designed and built before the withdrawal of mainline steam), and it could be my imagination but the locomotive seemed to make a good deal more steam and noise than others I've seen.
( ( thunders through ( by sgoldswo (, on Flickr

As ever, all too quickly the train had thundered through on platform 4. A bit different from the trains to Welwyn that normally stop there!
( ( for the Footbridge ( by sgoldswo (, on Flickr