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Title: A bit of a spring clean and site structure simplification
Post by: Editor on January 21, 2015, 09:29:51 pm

The following is a bit boring, but I post it for the record.

I have merged a few 'child' discussion boards into the general forum categories. What this means is that the structure is simplified.

We used to have a 'where are you now' category under 'local history and genealogy'. That was a 'child' board. Now all the post have been merged together under 'local history and genealogy'.

I have also merged the Welham Green Residents Association (WGRA) board under the Welham Green board. This makes sense because everything the WGRA discusses is to do with Welham Green anyway. The same with the Brookmans Park Residents Association (BPRA). The BPRA is actively involved in campaigning on many of the issues local residents discuss in the general forum, so it makes sense for the BPRA to post directly in those main discussion threads.

I've also merged the Rotary Club board, with the 'Supporting Charities' board - which is what Rotary is all about, so that makes sense, too.

No posts have been lost and the old boards have been deleted.