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Title: BP Photography and Flickr group
Post by: sgoldswo on October 13, 2014, 07:51:21 pm
This may or may not be redundant, if it is I apologise in advance! My name is Simon Goldsworthy and I and my family have recently moved to Moffats Lane, after what feels like the longest conveyancing process in history.

I have a passion for photography and shoot primarily with Nikons, rangefinders and film. I regularly took photos in and around the local area where we used to live in Enfield and posted many a photo to the Flickr groups for Enfield and Barnet. I recently discovered and joined a Flickr group for Brookmans Park, but it hadn't been posted to in many months and I seem to be the only one who posts there. It would be great to see some photos from the local area around Brookmans Park there as well. The link to the Brookmans Park group is ( and it would be great to see more photography from the local area there. Here's the latest photo I added to the group:

( (
Golden Sun ( by sgoldswo (, on Flickr
If you are even more boring about your photography and like me like nothing better than debating the merits of Nikon's 14-24 vs the Zeiss 21mm  ;)  then I also run a blog which will end up with some posts about the local area on it, together with my usual diet of photography nonsense, (

In any event hello and I look forward to seeing some great photos here and on the Flickr group in the future.
Title: Re: BP Photography and Flickr group
Post by: Editor on October 13, 2014, 07:59:58 pm
Hi Simon, welcome to the forum and thanks for posting such an amazing picture. I have made one edit to your post to remove some strange code and to make your blog link hypertext. Looking forward to seeing more of your pictures. I noticed you have set your images on Flickr as copyright, all rights reserved, and I wondered why? I take a lot of pictures and I release all mine under Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0 ( because I like people to share them and use them. David
Title: Re: BP Photography and Flickr group
Post by: Editor on October 13, 2014, 08:07:28 pm
Title: Re: BP Photography and Flickr group
Post by: sgoldswo on October 13, 2014, 08:39:35 pm
Hi David, thanks for making the corrections, I was trying to sort it out on my iPad on the train home but the curse of safari's auto refresh feature left me worrying I was going to erase the whole thing by accident mid copy and paste.

I do keep my photos marked copyright, I sell or distribute a small proportion of them to publications, websites and organisations and I can't be bothered to have two flickr accounts so everything gets stamped "copyright" so I don't need to think too hard about it (which of course is lazy...). That said, unless it's a commercial organisation asking (and sometimes even if it is - I'm looking at you Londonist...), I usually let my photos be used on request if I get credit for it.

Thanks for the post on twitter, much appreciated and looking forward to posting and viewing more photos in the future.

All the best