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Title: How to receive emails from other forum members
Post by: Editor on February 07, 2011, 03:25:45 pm
If anyone is having problems receiving emails when people send personal messages here is what to do.

If you want to get an email when people send you a personal email in the forum please log in, click on your profile tab, click on 'modify profile', click on 'personal messaging', go to 'receive personal messages from'...and make sure you have set it up to receive message.

If you want people to be able to email you directly from the forum (registered members only) you need to do the following. This will put a small email envelope icon (like this) ( under your profile avatar to the left of your posts which only registered members can see and use. Nobody will be able to actually see your email address, not even registered members; it will be hidden behind the envelope icon. To activate this please do the following.

Log on, go to your profile, click on 'current settings', then scroll down to the email section, ensure there is a valid email address in there and then click on 'allow users to mail me' and check the box.