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Title: Green Beret: A story of team work and mud!
Post by: JAF on November 22, 2010, 08:41:47 pm
If you thought Scouts was a bit naff, a bit old fashioned, an institution past its best, with nothing to offer modern children except knots, woggles and stupid songs then last weekend’s 27th Green Beret Challenge would have shown you scouting in a whole new light. Green Beret is possibly the biggest scout completion in the country and 137 teams of six scouts compete for a day and a night not only to win the converted Green Beret, but to take part in one of the toughest challenges most of them will experience for some years. And this is a challenge, extreme scouting in every sense: Extremely cold, extremely muddy and extremely exhausting.

North Mymms runs scout troops on Tuesdays and Fridays and this year we entered a team consisting of three scouts from Tuesday (two year 9s and a year 8 ) and three from Friday (a year 8, 7 and 6 ). There was no arm twisting or cajoling to get the boys (for all were boys) to volunteer and all were keen to take part.

The boys set up camp last Friday night along with 900 other scouts in a field in Kings Langley. As you can imagine the field was muddy and the mud grew worse as the weekend progressed. By the time the camp had been fully set-up it was approaching midnight and the boys had to get what sleep the freezing cold night allowed.

The next morning, the boys rose and had a breakfast cooked by the two leaders who formed the support team and at 8am went to the woods to see what challenges had been set for them. No leaders were allowed to go with them, so I cannot give many details, but two challenges were orienteering around a set of woods and a timed assault course. It was up to the boys to work as a team, to encourage and motivate each other through the long, cold and always muddy day. This is the real challenge of Green Beret and the boys rose to it. After the day’s activities closed at 5pm, the boys returned for their supper and they remained in good spirits, working as a team.

But the challenge was not over. At 7:15 the boys returned to the woods and undertook the night activities. By the time the night activities closed at 11:30pm the boys had been competing for 15˝ hours and a cold mist had risen from the field. The only challenges now remaining were to get another night’s sleep in the freezing field and to pack the camp away the next morning.

The results the next day showed the boys had achieved a respectable 68th place, but in the night activities they had finished in 5th place, just 10 points behind the winners. Possibly the best result North Mymms has ever achieved in a single section. More importantly they all enjoyed the weekend and the experience of a challenge they could only ever experience as scouts.
Title: Re: Green Beret 2010: A story of team work and mud!
Post by: southbury on November 23, 2010, 07:16:07 am
Fantastic .
Title: Re: Green Beret 2010: A story of team work and mud!
Post by: BrookyP on November 25, 2010, 08:50:12 am
we went to wiltz in luxemborg in 82 with third totteridge-great fun.

not for me now though-prefer wine and warm nights in.

keep up the good work

Title: Re: Green Beret 2010: A story of team work and mud!
Post by: bootneck on November 25, 2010, 09:17:58 am
Fantastic work by all - Just a  thought though as a Ex Royal Marine Commando of 22 years service and still wearing my "Commando Green Beret" maybe you should invite someone from the Corps to show the importance of earning the said "Green Beret" and taking part in the challenge.
Title: Re: Green Beret 2010: A story of team work and mud!
Post by: Susan on November 25, 2010, 03:16:26 pm
Thank you to John and Lem too, for giving up their weekend to go with the boys. I think you deserve your own green beret for not only supervising the lads, but camping in the freezing cold! I know they all had a fantastic time - and I was glad that all I had to do was to wash the mud from the clothes.  ;) 
Title: Re: Green Beret 2010: A story of team work and mud!
Post by: JAF on November 26, 2010, 06:40:30 pm
Fiona also deserves special mention. She delivered extra supplies on Saturday as well as helping deliver the scouts to the site on Friday night and gave up her Saturday to help keep the camp running and the boys motivated.

I’ve also been informed that we scored a second place in the day activities a couple of years ago, but this remains the best night activity score we ever achieved – until next year.

Title: Green Beret: A story of team work and mud & Victory!
Post by: John_fraser on November 18, 2012, 05:13:22 pm
I didn't post about Green Beret last year, even though last year we improved on 2010 by 23 places to finish 45th. Having just got home from this year's camp I feel I have to give this year's team a special mention.

Green Beret 2012 was the biggest yet with 143 teams, 118 of which finished the competition. North Mymms sent one team again: including a veteran of 2010 & 2011,  a veteran from 2011 and four first timers. The team  pitched camp in Lees Wood late on Friday night and spent the night under canvas along with 800 other scouts from Hertfordshire. Yesterday our team competed from 8:24 yesterday morning until 23:00 at night. As before they were allowed no adult help or supervision, we were just there to cook their meals. All the time the temperature dropped, but they kept going and kept cheerful until they could crawl into their tents, by now too tired to notice it was colder than their parent's fridge at home. And today they broke camp before they could learn how their hard work paid off. And boy did it pay off:

In orienteering they came a respectable 30th, in the day exercises they achieved a top ten finish with 6th place. On the assault course they had finished with a brilliant 2nd place. The team that won the assault course  was a visiting team from out of county so North Mymms officially has the best assault course team in Hertfordshire. But the best was yet to come; The team beat 2010's 5th place by winning the Nigh exercises with a perfect score of 250 points. Finally they achieved 4th place overall, just 8 points behind the winners.

A fantastic achievement by six young people learning that team work and determination pays dividends. 

This image was taken just before they set off for the night exercises. Sorry about the apparent lack of focus. We had just stepped out of a warm tent where we had cooked their dinner and into the cold night air and I didn't give the optics time to clear.

Title: Re: Green Beret: A story of team work and mud!
Post by: John_fraser on November 18, 2013, 05:45:22 pm
Another year has gone by and another Green Beret has happened. And if last year's result need mentioning, well this year's result is something really special.

This year we entered two teams. Both teams camped out in the cold and mud of Gillwell Park form Friday night to Sunday morning. Both teams competed from 07:30 to 23:00, over 15 hours, in the same cold and mud. Both teams kept their spirits high and worked together as a team.

Team Gold were inexperienced, with only one previous Green Beret between them and in a record field of 146 teams managed a highly creditable 52nd. Team Platinum, however, had four members of last year's team and rose to the challenge of matching last year's result. On Sunday, outside the White House in Gillwell, the headquarters of The British Scout Movement, in front of a crowd of nearly 2,000 Scouts, Explorers and leaders they were again declared winners of The Night Trophy and they beat last year's achievement by winning The Assault Course Trophy. Finally they were declared overall winners of Green Beret 2013!

This is the biggest scout competition in the county and amongst the biggest in the country. Not only is the first time North Mymms has won Green Beret, this is the first time in the competition's thirty year history any troupe from Potter's Bar or Hatfield has won. It is a fantastic achievement by these young people.

I will try to post a picture soon.