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Title: School parking '"appalling"
Post by: Editor on April 12, 2002, 07:14:26 pm
The headteacher at Brookmans Park primary has written to parents urging them not to park on the yellow zig-zag lines outside the school.

She was on entrance duty on Friday, April 12 and says she was appalled at the 12 parents who stopped their cars on the yellow lines outside the front entrance to the school to drop off their children.

“This poses a serious danger for those trying to cross the road and increases the traffic congestion as cars stack up behind them,” she wrote.  click here (
Title: Re: School parking '"appalling"
Post by: The Orange Llama on April 12, 2002, 07:37:21 pm
Tis a serious problem. Obviously, the solution is to move those pesky yellow lines elsewhere, as there's no way that my little darlin' can be expected to walk more than 3 metres to the gates of the school - they might damage their little toesies.

I know the above doesn't apply to all parents, but I have seen some kids who live about five minutes walk away - e.g. Brookmans Avenue - being driven to school by their parents. Always though legs were for walking on myself...

Maybe the solution is for parents not to come up Bradmore Way at all but to drop off at the village centre?
Title: Re: School parking '"appalling"
Post by: anna on April 12, 2002, 09:18:30 pm
How about the possibilities of a walking bus to the village so that the parents can all meet the kids on the village green. I think this would only work for Juniors I'm not sure you could have children under 6 walking in a big group.  
Title: Re: School parking '"appalling"
Post by: jet on April 17, 2002, 03:46:49 pm
This is unusual, for an employee of a local authority to complain about the behaviour of their "clients" ;) As any user of a public service is now known ;D
One can imagine the indignation, " who does she think she is,writing to me, its not my fault its everyone else,
anyway I was only on the zig zags for 5 minutes"
we wonder why the youngsters don't behave, when we all sometimes give such bad examples :'(
As an aside  there is a car which tends to park opposite the enterance to the school, I noticed it made it hard for a fire engine to gain access a few weeks ago?
Title: Re: School parking '"appalling"
Post by: anna on April 17, 2002, 04:15:25 pm
I have also noticed a car that always parks opposite the school entrance, this always causes problems with traffic having to weave in and out. Perhaps another possible idea would be to have a small strip of road which is purely for drop off and pick up, but not parking.........

I think this problems occurs with most schools.

I have noticed that the headteacher has been standing outside the school on a few mornings, moving on any cars that park on the zig zags, I respect her very much for that, although no doubt its a thankless task!
Title: Re: School parking '"appalling"
Post by: Phil_Holm on April 18, 2002, 04:29:22 pm
I totally agree with Anna.

As someone who will soon be facing the problem of having to get 2 children to different locations at roughly the same time.   My wife will be forced to giving up walking to school, and will have to go round the Bradmore/Peplins block, with no time to stop and park properly.

I think a drop off area is an excellent idea.  The only problem is where.
Title: Re: School parking '"appalling"
Post by: MC on April 18, 2002, 04:46:24 pm
One of the issues that makes this worse is that the voluntary school-time one-way system around the school block (that is very well adhered to) actually goes the wrong way thereby exacerbating congestion near the shops. If we're going to do anything then that one-way system should be reversed at the same time.

The obvious location for a drop-off is the long straight stretch of road along the back of the school-playing field as this avoids the problems around the entrance. That said if people observed the law ie didn't park on OR opposite zig-zags the whole thing would be better
Title: Re: School parking '"appalling"
Post by: anna on April 18, 2002, 05:10:22 pm
MC, I know a few parents that do part opposite the zig, zags, but to be fair, some of the cars might belong to people who live there, who leave their cars there to stop having their driveways blocked! There is a small resses just before the Junior part of the school,  where some people do park, but I wonder if that could work, as a drop of area? People could pull in enough not to block the road, and then perhaps there could be a rota system of parents (or dare I say teachers) who stand there collect a few children and walk them into school.  I know of a few parents who would not be happy just dropping kids off, in case they wandered off in the wrong direction!  

However this still wouldn't get over the picking up problem because you can't have too many parents sitting in cars waiting for kids who can take anything up to 15 mins to get out of school!

Just another thought though, wouldn't it be good if they could do a matching service, for example. There must be other people in my road who take kids to the school that I don't know about. Perhaps the school should help to get parents to do Rota's with other parents. This would reduce the amount of cars wouldn't it?? And the parents would gain by only having to go out once a day.
Especially if they then had "reserved parking" spaces for those on rota systems.

Just a thought.
Title: Re: School parking '"appalling"
Post by: MC on April 18, 2002, 05:47:37 pm
Sounds like a good idea. At the same time though it would be a great help if more people could walk their children to school - sometimes it seems like anything over 1/8 mile is fair grounds for getting the SUV out.

As for parking around zig-zags I think it's illegal no matter who does it !!

Title: Re: School parking '"appalling"
Post by: Margaret on July 26, 2002, 02:58:34 pm
In reply to Phil just wondering why going to two different schools means you have to drive. Presumably one child is moving to senior school and therefore will start earlier or is old enough to be left a little earlier.
Title: Re: School parking '"appalling"
Post by: Margaret on July 26, 2002, 03:02:47 pm
Just like to say how great I think the new headmistress at Brookmans Park Primary School is. She does indeed have a thankless task but is doing a great job all round.
I myself have had various words with mothers who insist on letting their children run ahead up the drive and walking up the drive themselves despite big signs asking them to use the footpath. Cars do use the road and one mum was amazed at my driving my car down the said road! Told me I should look where I was going!
Title: Re: School parking '"appalling"
Post by: anna on July 26, 2002, 03:11:16 pm
When its not raining, I tend to park in the village now and walk up to the school. Its much nicer, and also gives me time to chat to the kids about their day.  There will be a time I can't do this again when my little one starts nursery and I will really miss it.  
Title: Re: School parking '"appalling"
Post by: Phil_Holm on October 14, 2002, 04:45:48 pm
In reply to Margaret, 26th July,

No actually the eldest is at BP Primary and the youngest will be starting pre school nursery (not BP nursery yet) after January.

So a drop off point would be ideal.