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Title: Scouting
Post by: James Bentall on March 17, 2002, 01:09:52 am
One of the problems I have at Scouts is that the current leadership team can not offer expertise for every single activity that the scouts would like to do.

There is a huge range of interest badges that Scouts can now gain - you can have a look at them by going to Scout Base UK ( and looking at the list on the right hand side!

What I was wondering was whether there is anyone in the village who have skills which might enable some young people to gain 'expertise' in these areas. Naturally, any such volunteers would need to fill out a Scout Association offer of help form, for the protection of our young people, before they start.

This is not a plea for regular adult help (although we wouldn't say no if you offered ;-))- it is simply asking whether anyone has a skill that they would be willing to be spend a short length of time passing on to a small group of Scouts. Please let me know if you think you could help!


Scout Leader, 2nd Hatfield Scout Group
Title: Re: Scouting
Post by: Editor on March 17, 2002, 08:45:23 am
What a great idea.  This looks like an opportunity for the adults in the community to pass on some of our skills to the younger generation.

I didn't realise there were so many badges for so many skills.  (If anyone missed the categories click here ( and have a look at the list on the right.) Perhaps you need to spell out exactly how much work is involved James so people can assess how much of a committment it is going to be.

I am happy to help. I have read through the list and would like to offer to teach the scouts about writing.  I am a journalist and have newspapers, radio, TV and  Internet experience.  Perhaps one of the tests they could be set would be to write for the scouting section of this website.

I could also help teach them about PR and the word processing and document creation side of IT. So that is me down for three if you like James.  (Again let me, and perhaps any other possible volunteers know how much time it is likely to take).  And probably best post the answers here so everyone can see.

It seems to me that the community could help out quite a lot here.  

The Gobions Woodland Trust might be a rich source of information for the Conservation, Forester and Naturalist badges?  Could the scouts even help out on one of the Sunday sessions down at Gobions to earn their badges?

The North Mymms Local History Society would have a lot to offer for the Heritage badge.  Perhaps the scouts could work on a history project in the area.  (I would love to know more about the motte and bailey castle off Swanland Road). Their work, once checked by the NMLHS, could then be added to the history section of this site.

There must be dozens of people in the village able to help them earn their community badge.

Oh and by the way I could also help on the World Friendship badge if you like, I spent a lot of my life abroad working with people of different faiths.
Title: Re: Scouting
Post by: ocifant on March 25, 2002, 03:17:57 pm

I belong to a small circus skills group, based in Whetstone. We have visited other youth groups and successfully provided basic juggling and balloon modelling courses. Take a look at if this sounds of interest.
Title: Re: Scouting
Post by: James Bentall on March 26, 2002, 01:07:52 am
Just to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has replied either on the board orprivately to me by email. I am currently away from the area on holiday, but will get back to you all on my return!


Title: Re: Scouting
Post by: James Bentall on July 24, 2002, 12:00:50 am
One of the two cub packs in the village (for boys aged 8-10) is facing closure due to a shortage of adult help. The current cub scout leader who runs both packs is leaving at the end of the month, and although we have more than enough adult help to keep one of the packs going, we are seeking a few additional bods to keep the other one open as well.

Volunteers are being looked for to join the three people who have already committed themselves to helping lead the weekly cub meetings. This would not be a one man show - the leadership team are seeking more individuals to ensure that the leaders do not have to present every week if they have other commitments, or just even want a break!

Having been a scout leader for six years, I can honestly say that it is great fun, especially, as in this case, there would be a team running the section. We've had loads of parents offering to help occasionally, we just need one or two more people who can make a more regular commitment!

Some of the current cubs in the village are going to have to go on to a waiting list, as there are too many cubs to offer them all places in the new single pack.

Anyone who thinks they may be able to help is asked to contact Ian on (01707) 643474.

O, and just to clear a few things up - you don't have to wear shorts and a wide brimed hat, you don't have to know what dyb, dyb, dyb stands for, and you certainly don't need to know the words for ging gang goolie or Kum ba yah! ;D

Thanks in advance for any help,

(Scout Leader, 2nd Hatfield)
Title: Re: Scouting
Post by: Editor on February 26, 2005, 05:03:17 pm
The local scout group has updated its website to show the variety of activities on offer to young people. Click here to see the updated site (, which highlights some of the many and varied activities that have been offered to local youngsters recently. More details (
Title: Re: Scouting
Post by: Editor on September 17, 2006, 06:03:43 pm
Brookmans Park scout leaders are looking for more adults to help run the growing and thriving troop which has now reached record membership levels. More than 125 boys aged between 10 and 14 are now attending weekly meetings at the North Mymms scout HQ.

Click here ( for more details.

Title: Re: Scouting
Post by: Mermaid on November 28, 2006, 02:50:03 pm

I am posting in here to get it back on the front page of the Forum again!

We are still looking for volunteers to help .......

Title: Re: Scouting
Post by: James Bentall on March 05, 2007, 07:33:40 pm
I've had to admit defeat and for the first time have started a waiting list for the scout troop based in North Mymms.

As you may be aware, girls have been allowed to join all sections of all groups since 1st January 2007, and the extra people coming along because of that has pushed my numbers to over 130 10-14 yr olds attending each week and I have been forced to say enough is enough!

So, perenial plea - I am again looking for any more adults who may want to get involved with what is probably now the largest organised youth activity in the village. This isn't a case of saying 'please come forward as we are about to close' - nothing is further from the truth, we just need some help to support the existing leadership team, to enable us to take more young people in the group.

If anyone feels able to help in any way - whether with the scout age group (10-13 yr olds), or older or younger children, or would even be prepared to help out behind the scenes with organisation or finance etc please contact me via the instant message picture on the left, or phone Ian on 643474. If you did feel you were able to help out with looking after the young people, full training is provided by The Scout Association.

Title: Re: Scouting
Post by: Editor on September 04, 2007, 06:58:29 am
James has just sent in details of the recent scout's summer camp, which involved activities such as surfing, quad biking, gorge walking and trekking. He says it was the most successful summer camp for several years. Click here ( for more details.
Title: Re: Scouting
Post by: SeaGypsy on February 12, 2008, 09:59:54 am
An ex-Brookmans Park chap, sitting here on the yacht in Darwin, Australia, killing a bit of time looking at this website.

But why am I sitting on a yacht in Darwin its simple its because I was a scout.  I was lucky enough to be introduced to sailing by the (now sadly defunct) 1st Little Heath and Potters Bar Sea Scouts. 

Times have changed certainly in those days, I and the other boys were challenged by activities that today would probably not be allowed under our litigious, duty of care, risk assessment society Oh, how Baden-Powell must be cringing in his grave.

But even today, Scouting can still teach kids to have confidence in themselves, to understand that anything is achievable if you set your minds to it.

So, for what its worth from a crusty old 50 year old, if you have young kids, get them to join the Scouts.  My parents dragged me screaming and protesting to my first meeting I am so grateful they did.

And if you can, give your time to help the Leaders to provide the activities to entrance the kids. 

Last year, as my wife and I sailed our yacht from Melbourne up to Darwin, I was on watch in the wee small hours.  The sails were being lit with the green of the phosphoresce from the bow wave, and playing in that wave were a school of dolphins, leaving trails of green glowing pearls behind them.  I suppose that at that moment, I should have realised that the Scouts hadnt just introduced me to the sailing that I so love, but had contributed to my view on life that has allowed me financially to be doing this at my age. I do now.

We look forward to reaching England in 2010.