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Village broadband and high-speed optic fibre

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Does anyone know if there is a cable supplier in Brookmans Park ?

Unfortunately there is not a cable TV supplier, my enquiries indicate that neither NTL or Telewest have any immediate plans to cable up BP.

However, if its fast internet access you're after then ADSL is available from BT. My postcode (Peplins Way) is indicated as being available, check on the website to make sure. You will need to have an existing BT phone line and the line will also need to be tested to see if it is suitable for ADSL.

My advice, however is not to buy ADSL from BT but a third party (who still use the BT line) such as Demon. This is often cheaper than the BT product and you get a better choice of modem.

Many people want to be able to share their internet connection amongst several PCs and the best (although not only) method is to use a router, these are available for about 90.00 and generally use an ethernet connection. The BT broadband product uses USB which is much less flexible.

I have used ADSL on quite a few occasions (I support a network as part of my job) for homeworking and have found BT to be excellent, despite what many people say.

I'd be happy to offer any further advice to anyone who wants to message me.


You are right SQ, ADSL is available locally.  You have to check with BT to see if it reaches your road (something to do with the distance from the Potters Bar exchange) but I have it and it is excellent.  If you are using it for your business, consider having a new line put in for the ADSL or converting your business line. The same number serves for both your business phone and your online connection and you can receive and make calls while online.  As I write my line rate in Kbps is 576.000 for receiving and 288.000 for sending.  So does that work out about 10 times faster than an ordinary modem?  Not sure but it is really fast.

Looks like ASDL it is then. Do I have to use a router to share PC's will a hub not do the job.
Thanks for the replies they have been of great help.


A hub is not the same as a router and will not achieve what you need to share your internet connection.

On a network running TCP/IP (the protocol that the internet and many other networks use) every device on the network needs a unique address. This is a 32 bit number normally split into four numbers, eg

Your modem supplied by BT or whoever will generally only have ONE address available. In the case of a single computer this address is used.

However, if you have more than one computer you will need to share this address. This is the job of the router. This takes the connection (and single address) of the ADSL modem and translates it to a 'private' range of IP addresses. This is called NAT (network address translation)

Without wanting to get too technical (although I will if you like  ;D) there are special 'reserved' ranges of IP addresses that are used for private networks, in many cases this is 192.168.x.x

Generally the router will have 4 or more ports on the 'LAN' side of the router (you can increase this with another hub if required) which your computers connect to. The router will automatically allocate IP addresses to your computers in this 'private' range. Connections to the internet then get translated by the router to the 'real' address - the result is that to the ADSL modem it just looks like there is one computer running lots of sessions at once.

Another benefit of using a router (and I recommend people use a router even if they don't share the connection) is much increased security. Although not foolproof they act as a rudimentary firewall as in general they only allow connections from the 'inside' (LAN) out. Also it is possible to 'hide' the router from the outside world by disabling ping responses, this will deter the majority of script kiddies from trying to hack your computer. You should ideally also run a decent, up-to-date anti-virus product and a software firewall such as ZoneAlarm for maximum protection.

Hope that explains a bit further, I'm happy to advise further.

BTW, my recommended product is the SMC Barricade 7004ABR - I have bought 4 or 5 of these and have been no trouble.



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