Author Topic: Garden waste fly-tipping in Gobions Open Space and adjoining woodland  (Read 617 times)

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Three months after North Mymms Parish Council wrote to residents in The Grove asking them not to dump garden waste in Gobions Open Space and the adjoining woodland it seems that fresh grass cuttings and tree pruning waste are still being discarded on council-owned land.

Residents told not to dump garden waste in Gobions
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Walking around BP this week and noticed five separate driveways have been pressure washed with all the muck pushed into the road and left.

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      May we be so bold as to suggest the Gobion's groundsman is making a mountain out of a molehill albeit accept the wooden compost container was an anonymity. However, we feel that we residents of The Grove have greater reasons to complain and we will be bold enough again to suggest that the pot should not call the kettle black for the following brief reasons:-
     (1) The path parallel to The Grove and the adjacent surrounds including the wide expanse around the bonfire is a disgrace! It was particularly so during the winter/early spring and Council motor traffic is to blame.
     (2)  The bonfire is an eyesore and we accept this is probably a Council necessity but at least it would be nice if the surrounding area was always kept tidy!
     (3)   The Council uses some areas adjacent to the bonfire for large  supposedly compost heaps! Do not the Council also find the dumped large logs and timbers located behind a number of houses also distasteful. Who dumped them there - the Council?
     (4)The Council have made little effort to eradicate the growth of Japanese  Knotweed in the indicted areas.
                                 Lovers of Gobions Wood