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Re: Before the A1
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My grandads uncle died in 1937. He lodged at peters cafe. He lodged with mrs Florence peters. I'm trying to trace people who knew the cafe and mrs peters. Mrs peters and Uncle Tom both born 1887. I do not know how long he lodged there but he died on a motorbike after visiting his family in Herefordshire. Mrs peters had a daughter Mirinda Crisp Muchmore and son Cyril Edward Peters. I think Tom lodged there from 1927 but need proof poss thru electoral rolls. I'm yet to find his burial as the council in area can't find him. He's not buried in Herefordshire. Maybe St Albans cemetery but can't find number to ring. Does anyone recall the Peters family, the cafe, talk of motorbike crash. Tom died in st  Albans hospital. Thanks so so much. Jack  hughes 07427991227.