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Cosmological design
« on: August 23, 2002, 01:24:50 pm »
   I am a French graduate student in Art History (at the Sorbonne, Paris).
 I am carrying out research on Astrological iconography in English art during the 16th century.
 I read that a design (or a carving ?), dating from the 16th c., with gilded frets, a sky fringed by clouds and sprinkled with stars, maybe together with the moon in its four phases, would exist at North Mymms ...
  Does it recall you anything ? maybe on a tomb (or in a castle ... ?)
  I am writing a hundred-page long dissertation (M.A.), and unfortunately, I found this information only very recently, and I don't have much more time to get information about it by myself...
 If you know thomething which looks like this, please let me know, it would be really very helpful to me... And if I could get a picture of it, even of bad quality, it would be wonderful... !

Anyway, I find your forum really very nice and surprising (I never heard of a similar one in France).

Looking forward to reading from you soon,
  yours sincerly,
  Alexandra Bosc.
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Re: Cosmological design
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2002, 02:53:33 pm »
North Mymms Local History Society has found out that there is, what is known as 'a mass dial', dating back to 1584 on the wall near the south porch at St Mary's, the parish church for North Mymms.  John Harris, the membership secretary,  quoting from a book, described it as; "a form of sundial, used to set the time of services by checking the points of a shadow made by the sun crossing a central rod which then followed lines etched on the stonework of the church wall; the hour for mass was marked by a deeper groove."  

It is not what you were looking for Alex, but it is an interesting historical discovery in its own right, few seemed to know it was there. full details I understand what you are looking for might be on the soffit of an Elizabethan tomb in North Mymms and might look similar to these images of the 'temporary heavens' at the Globe Theatre. Perhaps someone from the church might know more?

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