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Police patrol invite
« on: July 08, 2005, 08:25:54 pm »
Local residents are being invited to experience first hand what it's like to be on police patrol. Herts Constabulary has just sent this site a news release offering people the chance to see how the local police force works. The following is a reproduction of the news item published today.

By Corporate Communication Dept

HERTFORDSHIRE CONSTABULARY is inviting local residents to discover more about their local policing by riding along with police officers on patrol.

Assistant Chief Constable Rob Beckley, said: “ Policing Hertfordshire is a broad, varied and complicated job and we want to offer local residents a chance to discover how their local force works. We want to be as open as possible to our communities and so we are inviting local people to accompany officers on patrol.”

People who are interested should contact one of the following three numbers depending on where in the county they live:

Watford Borough, Three Rivers District and Dacorum Borough: 01923 472443

Welwyn Hatfield District, St Albans District and Hertsmere Borough: 01727 796661

Stevenage Borough, East Herts District, North Herts District and Broxbourne Borough: 01438 757168

The offer is open to all residents of Hertfordshire over the age of 18 although some limited restrictions may apply for Health and Safety reasons.

Rob Beckley continued; “ We want people to see how we work and understand more about the breadth and complexity of policing the county; but we also see this as an opportunity to directly receive people’s views and feedback on their police service.

“ We want to continue to build on the trust and support we enjoy in our communities and want to make engagement mean more than just attending a meeting. The Ride Along Scheme will help the public understand us better, and ensure their feedback is informed not by the press and television programmes, but by informed knowledge of what we do.”
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