Author Topic: The way forward ...... and backwards ...  (Read 2332 times)

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The way forward ...... and backwards ...
« on: June 24, 2005, 03:58:48 am »
Greetings from sunny Croydon. I just thought i'd bring to you news that our Council meetings are now being webcasted (not sure if your Council does). I think this is a great idea and service for people like myself who haven't the time to attend such meetings and is something Welwyn Hatfield Council should consider.

What I found depressing was the high level of developments our Council approves and I get the impression the apparent need for extra housing overweighs any concerns for an area's character.

Here's a great example. Go to  the (link) <a href="">Croydon Council Webcasting page</a> and click on the Development Control Committee meeting on 3rd March 2005. Open the Index Points menu (another good idea to skip boring bits) and scroll down & click the Item 8-12 Kendra Hall Road link.