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Stolen Car Cover


So tonight at 9.00pm persons currently unknown decided to help themselves to the cover protecting my S2000 car on my driveway. This blatant act of theft is outrageous and the vehicle which pulled up outside my house carrying these scumbags will be found. I am fed up to the back teeth of petty crime in this area where we have absolutely no police presence whatsoever. So for everyone elses benefit - keep em peeled ..... Pi**ed off from Swanland Road..

Sorry to hear that.

I know there was some regular posters on here who didn't think there was less police officers now than previous, but like the police they seem to be conspicuous by their absence! 

Have you contacted the police and are they responding?

Well I think we all know there are less Police officers now - So I phoned 101 last night and they took the report and gave me a crime number...  Thats all folks !!
I think I'll wire the replacement up to the mains.. ;-)

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