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Armed police called to attend a disturbance along Bulls Lane


Whilst driving along Bulls Lane on Sunday evening I came across several police cars parked along the side of the road. I could make a couple of armed police officers walking towards a large crowd of travellers that apparently were playing some kind of game in the road.   I had to stop to wait for the crowd to finish whatever it was that they were playing and took the opportunity to ask the female officer what was going on. She didn't tell me much other than that some residents had called the police in response to the crowd disturbance and intimidation. The crowd were making quite a lot of noise, my three children walk along this road on their way to Chancellors school and I must confess for the first time I felt unsafe and now thinking about driving my kids to school. Sign of the times I guess.

Came across something similar a couple of weeks ago where travellers were playing some sort of game on the lanes in Ridge. Fortunately I recognised one of the guys I had helped out when he was working on a neighbours house so got through no issues.

Several times when cycling down Bulls Lane Iíve encountered these travellers playing a ball game but they are always polite and stop until I pass by. Yes they can be loud and boisterous but not intimidating in my experience and they are unlikely to be playing during rush hour or school-run times. I do however wonder why itís only the males who play Ė are the females banned from joining in?

So on the basis of the original post, including the presence of armed police, what has been done to alleviate the identified issues of disturbance and intimidation? I infer from the postings that nothing has happened.

I assume from Purrfect's point that all of the children were in school and therefore, male or female, were unable to participate in the ball games on the street.

Seriously, why should this be tolerated as a 'sign of the times', as memsal9 describes it? Perhaps I could invite my many cousins living overseas and we could take residence of Bradmore Green! 

From Herts police neighbourhood watch.


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