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Free compost bin for Food Waste Challenge participants

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Just signed up for mine, although I'd be happier if they reinstated the collection service for kitchen waste instead and saved the cost of sending out home compost bins. And I just can't see how anyone could throw away 700 worth of food a year. We certainly don't. All we recycle are the inedible parts of fruit and veg. Nothing goes to waste in our house. But happy to take part, especially as we will get a free home compost bin worth 25. It can replace the one I made myself when the council changed the recycling rules. According to the council's site, once you sign up, "Participants will then be sent a goody bag containing useful equipment and tools to help them minimise their food waste as much as possible for the next four weeks."   (Grab of the offer below)

Learn how your family could save up to 700 a year by reducing the amount of food you throw away: #foodwaste— Welwyn Hatfield (@WelHatCouncil) July 6, 2017
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What size compost bin would 25 buy?


--- Quote from: Nimbus on July 06, 2017, 10:23:36 pm ---What size compost bin would 25 buy?

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The council site doesn't specify the size, unfortunately. But it does give contact numbers for those wanting to register or find out more. 

--- Quote ---You can email or call 01707 35700
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Update: I mailed them asking about the size. They replied that someone would get back to me.

Has anyone heard any more about the free composting bins? I ask because I got a letter yesterday that mentioned everything else about the scheme but failed to mention when I would get my bin. The email does say that I will receive "a goody bag containing useful equipment and tools to help minimise your food waste", but that is supposed to be as well as the bin. I've replied asking for clarification. All I really want is the bin, said to be worth 25 so I am guessing it's at least 200L.

--- Quote ---Dear Participant,
Thank you for registering your interest in taking part in our Food Waste Challenge. The challenge will give you and your family the chance to see how easily you can save some cash, and help the environment too!
You will receive your food waste diary next week, along with helpful information on how to complete it. Starting on Monday 7 August, you will be asked to keep a record of how much food you throw away over the next two weeks.
By Friday 18 August, you will receive a goody bag containing useful equipment and tools to help minimise your food waste as much as possible over the following four weeks. You will continue to receive weekly information and top tips throughout the challenge.
I hope you are looking forward to starting your journey to become a food waste champion! In the meantime, it would be really useful to help us design future campaigns if you could spare a couple minutes to complete a short pre-challenge questionnaire:
If you have any further enquiries about the food waste challenge, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards

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I am very pleased with my free compost bin. Turned up on the drive this morning out of the blue.  :)  Has anyone else received one?


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