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Potholes along Jonas Way - urgent attention required

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The short lane between Moffats Lane and the Gobions Open Space car park seems to be as bad as I've ever seen it. Jonas Way, as it is now called, has always had potholes, but there seems to be more than ever now, and they are deeper. The issue has been raised on our Facebook page by one local resident who was commenting on the new exercise equipment that's just been installed in Gobions Open Space.

I am told that Jonas Way is managed by the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust, and that, in the past, North Mymms Parish Council has offered to help with the cost of repairs. So I have tweeted including both so they are aware of the situation with the potholes.

Have @HMWTBadger or @northmymmspc got any plans for dealing with all the potholes on Jonas Way Brookmans Park?— bpnewsletter (@bpnewsletter) 1 July 2017
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A local resident has contacted this site with the following information.

--- Quote ---The sign at the entrance to Jonas Way states "Gobions Wood Nature Reserve and access road owned and managed by Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust", so users with questions can phone the number given. Jonas Way is not maintained at public expense, so users could offer a donation to Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust to pay for the cost of removing potholes, if that is what a user wants.
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Got a reply from Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust saying they are looking into the issue of potholes on Jonas Way.

Thanks @bpnewsletter. We are aware of the issue and are looking into it.— Herts Wildlife Trust (@HMWTBadger) July 4, 2017
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Our garden borders Jonas Way & our fence has been smashed into three times so far this year (twice this month alone). At night we're sometimes kept awake by motorbikes and cars flying down Jonas Way and skidding round the bend. With a lot of children walking down that road (& as a cat owner) I'd be very happy to see some of the pot holes remain, as this seems to be the only thing that keeps the speed of the boy racers down.


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