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iPhone or iPad found in bushes in Gobions


Email from neighbourhood watch this morning:

--- Quote ---"I have had a phone call from a NW resident concerning an I phone discovered in bushes in Gobions Woods.  The finder has asked me to contact you all and let you know -  I have all the details. It appears the phone has been lost for about 3 weeks. "
--- End quote ---

Update - email just in from Neighbourhood watch now saying...

--- Quote ---"I have heard from one of  our NW residents that an Ipad has been found in some bushes in Gobions Wood.  I have the details of the Ipad, and it appears to have been lost about 3 weeks ago."
--- End quote ---

So if you have lost and iPhone or an iPad, or both, in Gobions Wood about three weeks ago, send me a personal message and I will connect you with the neighbourhood watch coordinator.


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