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These are some websites I found interesting or useful but are beyond the village wall as they are not about local issues

Check your online anonymity using this site. It shows how much information is given away by your web browser to any site which requests it. It is quite possible for large web organisations to identify individuals by this ‘fingerprint’ alone without needing you to give them permission. Best we managed was 90% - see how you score.

This is a real-time world map which shows which countries are making cyber-attacks and who they are targeting.

The government is spending billions to subsidise the smart meter roll-out and, even though it will increase their profits by billions, the power companies are using the scheme as an excuse to increase prices. There have been concerns over security as the smart meters can be hacked and GCHQ had to intervene in the first batch as they were totally insecure.

Bit by bit, year on year, parts of the NHS are being sold off to private companies. Capita has control of all our medical records for example and the government is no longer legally obliged to supply a NHS. PFIs are being used to build hospitals which are hugely expensive. We are heading away from freely available healthcare towards a private system which depends upon insurance - very similar to America. Even US analysts admit that the American system is the least efficient and most expensive in the world and that the old NHS was the best in the world. It is an hour long film but well worth the time.


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