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Brookmans Park Village Day Saturday 17th June 2017

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A few people have been asking when Village Day is this year so please put Saturday 17th June in your diaries. This year's theme is "All Creatures Great & Small" and more details will follow shortly.

In the meantime however, are there any local businesses out there who would like to sponsor the petting farm we are hiring in for the day in return for publicity?

Many thanks,

Helen Coffer
on behalf of the 2017 Village Day Committee

Just a suggestion: the Shuttleworth Collection is holding its Classic Evening Airshow on the day, so it may be possible to arrange a flypast by one or more participating aircraft (or from another airshow on the day) as they are likely to be making test flights.

It's too late to see about a Battle of Britain Memorial Flight flypast - enroute to a display event - as requests need to be made in the previous year.

Classic Evening Airshow - Sat 17 Jun 2017

"The BBMF also complete many flypasts each summer as they transit from display to display. The display season generally begins in May and finishes in September each year, and the Team are unable to perform flypasts outside this period."

That's an idea - thank you Trekbat. Funnily enough, we had a fly over in 2012 too - the Red Arrows from memory - a complete surprise to us, but a very nice one, especially as that year's Village Day had a Best of British & Jubilee theme!

Having said that, I've just checked the website and unfortunately it looks as though we won't be in luck as the flying doesn't begin until 6pm.


I wouldn't take the time as written in stone - there are usually several airshows on each weekend during the season, and Shuttleworth Trust aircraft may be taking part in some of these (I know they've made appearances at Flying Legends at Duxford); also there are privately-owned vintage aircraft based there, too.

Add in the likelihood of test flights, practice flights and pilots putting in their hours on type and it would be very unusual in normal weather conditions for there not to be several aircraft movements during the day.

Put it this way -  it wouldn't hurt to ask (Duxford and North Weald airfields are also fairly close prospects to try your luck).

Re: Red Arrows - they made a flypast in a 'Diamond 9' formation at the South Hatfield Fete in May 2012.


For a fee (going to a worthy cause) you might be able to book the Grace Spitfire ML407 (although post-war converted into a two-seater it is a genuine WW2 combat veteran) - and she probably knows the area as she has given displays at Hatfield House's Battle Proms.


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