Author Topic: Land between 46 and 48 Peplins Way. Resubmitted planning application  (Read 1055 times)

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Alan Perkins has put in a planning application on this plot of land which was originally the garden of no. 46.
He proposes to build a 2 bed 2 storey detached house.
Planning application no. 6/2016/1858/FULL.

Deadline for objections in writing to the council is 14th October 2016 .

We are objecting to this on the grounds of;
1) its not keeping in appearance and design with existing dwellings
2) gives the appearance of being undesireably cramped
3) the dwelling would not be keeping physically in line with the rest of the houses but would be   jutting out.
4) taking away of even more green space
5) intrusive to the immediate neighbours.
6) very small garden space relative to other properties
7) this land was part of no 46 which was part of the brookmans park 52
House Estate. The title deeds contains a restricted covenant which limits each plot to one house only
8) we don't want the same unsitelyness as the development on mymms drive/Calder Ave  corner plot