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Consultation on reducing train services to Brookmans Park

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James Bentall:
Great Northern/Thameslink have released a consultation about services from Brookmans Park from December 2018 onwards. Although there are slight improvements to the Peak time services, they are consulting on reducing the current 3 times an hour service during the day and evening (outside the peak) from 3 trains an hour to 2 trains an hour - see the spreadsheet here:

Now, if this came with a 33% reduction in my fare, I wouldn't have a problem with it, however I suspect this is unlikely.

The full consultation document is available here:

Timetable Consultation document

The headline states there will be 4 trains per hour from WGC going South, but from reading the document above, two of them must be going to be semi-fast missing out Welham Green, Brookmans Park and Hadley Wood.

The relevant question to reply to is Question 78 on page 64.

If you are a train user, please do take the time to reply to ensure we at a minimum keep the same level of service we have at the moment!

O and if you ever use trains from Watton-on-Stone to Stevenage you might want to reply as well as they are planning to change that to a permanent rail replacement bus service!


Page 71 appears to imply that the stopping train will in future run four times an hour at all times, unless you want to go Harringay or Hornsey during peak hours. Mind you just twice an hour would be a huge improvement on the current levels of service at weekends.

Today I noted that the 7.27 was over 10 minutes late for the second time this week, and the ticket office wasn't open for business again.
I'm still awaiting compensation for my delayed train on the 15th. My request for an update was met with the standard response stating I would be dealt with in 20 working days. Does that mean I'll have to wait 40 days now for my miserable compensation.

Paul Zukowskyj:
A local resident has pointed out the changes according to the spreadsheet, however a very knowledgable colleague thinks this might be a mistake in the spreadsheet.

I emailed the Govia press office to ask which it was. They responded immediately, despite it being after 8pm, and they're checking.

Am intending to talk to the WHTimes tomorrow, whichever way it is, so hopefully you'll find out soon whether this is really what they're proposing or whether someone put a number in wrong.



Local Walker:
When looking at services on the Hertford Loop, a similar situation will occur with semi-fasts also being introduced. Crews Hill will lose out but bizarrely Bayford, which has three times less usage than Crews Hill is to gain more trains. Why is Crews Hill the only station on the loop being omitted?

Paul Zukowskyj:
Got a call from the strategic manager of Govia trains on Wednesday, it's no mistake, the service from Brookmans Park, Welham Green and Hadley Wood is to be cut. His explanation was the increased traffic on the line makes the logistics of stopping all four trains impossible.

Apparently they're modifying the table in the online consultation to reflect the real changes.

I'd encourage everyone concerned about these changes to comment, it is after all a consultation. If enough people object, they might not implement the changes and the service will stay as it is currently (whether that's good or bad is over to you!).




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