Author Topic: Three shady local walks ideal for escaping the heat  (Read 1195 times)

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Three shady local walks ideal for escaping the heat
« on: July 20, 2016, 03:13:48 pm »
Weíve been picking through the 52 local walks on this site looking for rambles that include stretches that are suitable for hot, sunny days when you might want a more sheltered route. There are many in our collection that fit the bill, but the three adaptations, listed below, are our top recommendations. All are short sections of existing walks that include a lot of sheltered woodland. They offer the chance of some exercise on days when it feels too hot to venture out.

Shady walk 1: Broxbourne Woods - about an hour
This is a great walk. Park at the Bencroft Wood East car park on White Stubbs Lane and take the purple path. Itís a circular walk that is called the Ďmedium trailí. Itís 1.8km long, shaded all the way. There are loads of well-placed benches, too. This walk includes part of Walk 26: Broxbourne Woods South.

Shady walk 2: Ayot Greenway - about an hour
Park in the Ayot Greenway car park just north of Ayot Green, cross the road and take the disused railway line (called the Ayot Greenway) towards Wheathampsted. Walk for about 25 mins until you come to a red brick bridge that crosses over the old railway track along which you are walking. Turn round at this point and head back. This is a pleasant walk through woodland. Itís shady, gets some good breezes, and apart from some short stretches of perhaps a minute or two, is totally sheltered from the sun. This walk includes part of Walk 40: Ayot Greenway North.

Shady walk 3: The Essendon BOAT - about an hour
Park at the bend in West End Lane just north of The Woodman pub at Wildhill. Walk east and then north until you come to a signpost on your right for the BOAT (byway open to all traffic) that runs to Essendon. Take this path as it meanders up and down through woodland heading mainly east, north-east and north until you emerge on West End Lane just east of The Candlestick pub. Turn round and head back. This walk includes part of Walk 33: The West End Figure of Eight and Walk 15: The Wildhill to West End Figure of Eight.
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