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An update on the finances of The Brookmans Park Newsletter


The Brookmans Park Newsletter is now covering all its costs from the revenue generated by the Google ads running on the site and the forum. Previously, from when we launched the site in 1998 until this year, the hosting was provided free of charge by The Positive Internet Company. Positive was happy to continue to host us at no cost, but I felt it was time we became financially sustainable. Our thanks to Positive for almost 20 years of support. The total annual bill for running The Brookmans Park Newsletter is 175 a year. The hosting costs 150 and the url registration cost of 25 a year.

An update on the site's finances, for anyone interested. The good news is that the site continues to be totally self sustainable.

Last year I started renting extra server space from Positive Internet because we were well over our allowance. This is because of the photos uploaded by me to the history section and the forum, and pictures uploaded by others to the forum. But that's all fine.  So we are now paying 120 extra for server capacity (and are currently pushing that limit, too).

So the annual costs are:
Hosting = 150
Extra server space = 120
Domain = 25
Total = 295

Our income from Google Adsense is about 35 a month, so around 420 a year, which is taxable income. Anything left over I loan to Kiva to support sustainability in developing countries. Pictures of a few of the 113 people or groups who have benefitted from our loans below.



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