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New Welham Green Community Book Swap


NEW Welham Green Community Book Swap

Since Herts County Council have stopped the mobile library the Parish Council have decided to run a Community Book Swap in the Memorial Hall, This is being finalised and the rooms are being redecorated and plans made.

There will be Sunday Launch where you will  be most welcome, any donations of books can be made then or at opening times, more information to follow, if you feel you would like to help then please email

After a lot of hard work by volunteers and the generous donations of books from local and not so local people, the Welham Green Community Book Swap Scheme is now ready to open. Tomorrow (Sunday) a small launch event is to be held at the North Mymms Memorial Hall to let visitors see the facilities prior to the scheme opening on Wednesday. Snow Drop Sunday is also being held tomorrow at St. Mary's Church North Mymms. Light refreshments will be available at both venues.

Book Swap are holding their launch event today. 2-4pm at the Memorial Hall.

People dropped in yesterday, to swap books, enjoy a tea or coffee and have a chat. The Book swap at The North Mymms Memorial Hall is becoming popular. Please tell your friends and neighbours. There is a wide variety of books, including fiction, non-fiction and children’s books.

The Book Swap opening hours have changed. Due to a number of requests to do so, the Book Swap, which is located in the rooms to the right hand side of The North Mymms Memorial Hall, will now open every Wednesday plus the first Saturday of each month from 09.30 till 12.30.


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