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Arson at Burns Pavilion, Welham Green; local kids' soccer team suffers


Just in from the Neighbourhood Watch team...  Seems a fire in Welham Green, which police say was deliberate, has not only robbed a local kids' soccer team of equipment but also called time on a proposed trip to Barcelona.

--- Quote ---Dear Watch Member,

I sent a message out earlier to the residents of Welham Green about damage to the Burns Pavillion in Bushwood close Welham Green due to a fire that was deliberately set alight last night. Just for your information .

I have been to the scene today amd it looks like somone has been trying to burn cable (some was stolen on Wednesday night from the Thorn group on Travellers Lane ) behind the metal container next to the pavillion. This has then set light to the container causing another fire inside and to the bushes behind it and a slight bit of damage to the side of the pavillion

Damage has been made either by fire, smoke or water to equipment belonging to the parish council but most of all and sadly to the football equipment belonging to the local kids football team, this team is for 7-8 year olds and they have had goals, nets, footballs etc all damaged by the fire and have since been told that it is not insured. They have been trying to get funding to take the team to Barcelona but any funding made now will have to be spent on new equipment and the trip cancelled.

If anything seen or heard please do not hesitate to contact me. If you need to reply regarding this message, click on this email address: samantha (dot) griffin (at) herts (dot) pnn (dot) police (dot) uk

Samantha Griffin
Police Community Support Officer
Neighbourhood Watch
--- End quote ---

I dont know Welham Green very well, is Bushwood Close near Travellers Lane?


--- Quote from: larrylamb on November 05, 2015, 04:37:41 pm ---I dont know Welham Green very well, is Bushwood Close near Travellers Lane?

--- End quote ---

I didn't know where it was either but just looked it up and it's near the junior school.
I took a screen shot of my a-z.

More on this from Herts Police...

Arson damages football equipment in Welham Green


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