Author Topic: Staying safe online - the latest tips from Herts police  (Read 1436 times)

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Staying safe online - the latest tips from Herts police
« on: October 22, 2015, 02:52:51 pm »
According to the latest email update from the Neighbourhood Watch teams OWL (Online Watch Link) message service, adding your date of birth to an online profile offers a fraudster useful information for identity theft. Apparently there are 400 identity theft incidents in Hertfordshire each month.

In conjunction with their partners,, Herts Police have issued the following advice. They say:

“Cyber criminals target people like you, your family or your business, using data such as your email address, phone number or social network page. They gather together snippets of information you innocently put online, like your birthday or kids’ names. That could be all they need to steal your identity… with disastrous results.”
To help people stay safe the police have offered six tips:
1. Don’t publish your date of birth in your profile or highlight your birthday in posts or tweets – it’s useful information for a fraudster or identity thief.
2. Don’t reveal your passport number, driving licence number or other official details to anyone unless you’re certain they are authentic, and that providing this detail is necessary.
3. Don’t be fooled into revealing your PINs or passwords in response to an email, social network post, text or phone call, however convincing it seems.
4. Don’t write down or store login details electronically or on paper, where there’s a chance they could be found.
5. Never open an email attachment unless you’re 100% certain of who sent it, or what it is. It could contain a virus that steals your personal information.
6. If you use the names of pets, family members, or ‘favourite’ things in your passwords or memorable words, and reveal these online, you may be handing a criminal clues to your login details.
For Hertfordshire Constabulary advice about using strong passwords you can visit their webpage:
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Re: Staying safe online - the latest tips from Herts police
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2015, 02:44:46 pm »
Particularly relevant for those with TalkTalk accounts, be on your guard. A couple of weeks ago I had a call from 'Barclays' asking me about what I thought about 'their' on line banking. I was standing in a queue at a local supermarket at the time, so could easily have been fooled. When he asked me for my date of birth, to 'validate that he was speaking to the correct customer', I just ended the call. A quick check with Barclays later confirmed that that call was nothing to do with them. A narrow escape for me. Worryingly, the number displayed on my phone was indeed a valid Barclays number, but this just shows how they can easily seem to be genuine. It is just yet another ploy used by these fraudsters; 'spoofing' a legitimate number displayed on your phone, but the actual number they are calling from of course is hidden.