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Welham Green drugs arrest after search at five addresses


SNT teams join up for a day of action against drugs in Welham Green. @WelHatSthPolice @WelHatNthPolice @WelHatWstPolice— Wel/Hat South Police (@WelHatSthPolice) October 14, 2015
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One arrested during drugs warrants in Welham Green

Some more information on the drugs raid in Welham Green from a police email just received.

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This week, all the SNT teams (South, North and West) joined forces with our Response teams, Op Scorpion proactive team and the Dog Unit and went en masse to Welham Green. The decent, law abiding residents rightly do not have to put up with drug offences in their lovely village so we went and helped them out. Pc Andy Finnan has done a fantastic job behind the scenes for many months, pulling together information reports and intelligence. This level of operation required meticulous planning, detail, applications and court appearances many weeks and months before we all gathered and executed five search warrants in the village. If you do have any further information about drug use or dealing in the village feel free to drop Andy a line in complete confidence -  Andy.Finnan (at)
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Above the shops in Welham Green???

If so, a local Boy Scout would have sussed this out over 10 years ago !

An update just emailed by the Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Welham Green drugs warrants update


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