Author Topic: Car vandalised in Gobions car park Sunday evening, did you see anything?  (Read 2273 times)

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Thought I would have an early evening walk in Gobions last night (Sunday) arrived at 7.30pm and parked in the car park off Moffats lane (Jonas Way) had a lovely walk with some friends and arrived back at my car to find a large impact mark and the whole rear windscreen cracked, there were some dog walkers and kids at the park when we arrived, did anyone see anything suspicious? The police believe as nothing was taken and there was no sign of entry or search of the vehicle that this was probably a random attack and most likely kids, which is a shame, we are so lucky to have Gobions on our doorstep and at the moment it's littered in Dog Mess and you can't leave your car in the car park, is it time for CCTV?
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TBH this vandalism will have been committed by local kids/people, outsiders would not know about the tucked away Gobians.

Isn't it nice to know that this scum live amongst us.