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Radio Interference in Welham Green

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Has anyone noticed interference on their radio in Welham Green ?

When approaching The Hope and Anchor on Station Road I get a loud buzz, almost mains hum like, from around the allotments, this continues after turning left at the mini roundabout until about Welham Manor

I find this with both my cars when tuned to FM so it isn't specific to the car.

I notice this every morning on the way to work.

There must be something generating this interference.

I think it's 'hot air'  drifting over from the Welwyn and Hatfield Conservative's offices.

I noticed this on FM Radio 2 and 4 recently on a fixed radio in the garage.

I assume its something to do with the BP transmitter.

Maybe give them a call.

It a shame there is no good alternative to FM (Not that there ever needed to be!)

Dab is an alternative yes, but is a  lemon idea. Its got poor reception in outlying areas (BP Included) and awful sound quality compared to FM

I think the future is internet based as its far cheaper for the broadcasters-sound quality remains awful though and gsm (4G) delivery to in car is patchy.


I don't think it's anything to do with the transmitter given that it seems to be localised to a very small area in WG

and of course my garage in BP.


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