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Copying and pasting text to the forum


If you are copying text to paste into a forum thread, please put it through a free text editor first to ensure that any code is stripped out. This could be text from a website, an email or any other source.

If you don't, the text can sometimes be hard to read. It can also mess up how the forum shows up on mobile phones and tablets.

There are free text editors on most computers such as TextEdit on a Mac or Notepad on a PC. All you do is highlight and copy the original text, paste it into the text editor of your choice, click on 'format' and convert it to plain text. Then you can copy it over to the forum and it will look beautiful.  :)


A reminder (above) about how to copy text to the forum without including strange font and characters. David

A reminder (above) about how to copy and paste text into a forum thread.


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