Author Topic: Three burglaries - police issue bricks, tools and shed alerts  (Read 1499 times)

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Three burglaries - police issue bricks, tools and shed alerts
« on: January 20, 2015, 03:47:48 pm »
The first was on Saturday 17 January just after three in the morning. Police, responding to a burglar alarm going off at a house in Bell Lane, Brookmans Park, found that intruders had smashed a rear window with a brick.

Thieves also broke into a house on The Ridgeway, Cuffley between 6pm on Monday 12 Jan and 10am on Sunday 18. Police say they damaged a fence, got into the rear garden, broke into a shed and stole a numbers of items.

There was another shed break in between 6pm on Wednesday 14 January and 10am on Sunday 18 at a house on The Great North Road, Brookmans Park. Thieves got into the rear garden, forced the lock on the shed before stealing what police describe as “items of value”. Officers say that the items were so heavy that a vehicle would have been needed.

Police are appealing for witnesses to all three and have repeated the warning not to make it easy for thieves: “Could residents please check there gardens near to the rear of there houses and check there are no tools or house bricks laying around that offenders can use to gain access to your property.”
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