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Always looking for woodchips...
« on: January 11, 2015, 12:20:02 pm »
I need wood chips to refresh the paths in the garden behind the youth and community centre.
If you are having tree work done and have wood chips you don't want, or if you are a tree surgeon with wood chips to dispose of, please contact me by PM or here.

Last year I had two tipper truck loads of wood chips from a friendly tree surgeon and although they looked a bit daunting when viewed as a small mountain higher than my head and spread over a room-sized space, they all went down in a weekend and looked lovely on the paths, so any amount welcome. 

As it happens, wood chips are particularly great for paths where nettles are the problem - they leach nitrogen from the soil as they break down, and nettles are particularly nitrogen hungry, so it helps to discourage them.  (I'm working on it - it's a constant battle.)  But above all, they provide a nice, natural, soft, all weather path for children and others using the area or walking through it on the way to the centre.  So thank you if you can supply a small or large amount. All useful.

BTW In the garden at the moment:
 :D  snowdrops out, primroses out, lots of daffodils poking up, one ragged robin flower that thinks it's still summer, and lots of promises.... [size=78%] [/size]
 :'(  various evergreens getting nibbled by hungry deer (guess I'll have to give up or put netting round them)