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Youth Project 2014 review of the year


North Mymms Youth Project:
We have published a short video showing some of the activities North Mymms Youth Project undertook during 2014. You can view it online here:

We have spaces in the project at the moment for all age ranges, and would also be interested to hear from any adults who would be able to donate some of their time - either by helping to look after the young people or in a 'behind the scenes' role. This could be on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or occasional basis. Please do get in touch for more information, our contact details are below.

Hi North Mymms Youth Project. I have embedded the video into your post for you. To embed videos just grab the embed code from YouTube and then paste it between these two bits of code
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chicken legs:
All that pleasure on all those faces!  Well done to all the Youth Project workers.


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