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Butterfly and fungi identification required please

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These are both recent pictures taken at Gobions but I am struggling to identify them. I have no idea how to approach naming the fungi though a friend suggested it was upbrella lampostii - I am sure someone out there can do better. According to my book the butterfly is an Adonis Blue but others have said it could be a Common Blue. Does anyone know how to tell them apart? This picture is a composite of two shots of the same butterfly and the side an top view are of the same fungi specimen.   

Webman, the butterfly is a male Common Blue. In the Adonis Blue, the white fringes to the wings have thin black lines cutting through. As you can see in the picture, the white fringes are not cut into little sections by black lines. The Adonis Blue has more brilliant coloration. It is also a rare butterfly limited in range to south-facing downland slopes, and would not be found in wooded environments unlike the Common Blue which has more catholic habitat preferences.

Hi Webman, excellent pictures. How did you do the butterfly composite and what camera and lens setting did you use? David

Thanks, Nobby. Do both butterflies have the same underwing markings or has my book mixed up the pictures?
David, I used 'layer masks' for composite pictures in GIMP or Adobe Elements. I'll look up the camera settings and send them later.

Hi Webman - there are lots of shots of upper and under-sides for both species at
With regards to the under-sides of the male the two species look pretty similar to me.


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