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The campaigns and and petitions section of the forum
« on: June 17, 2014, 12:28:23 pm »
With so many national and international issues having an impact on local services and our general way of life, this is a reminder that forum members are able to post regarding topics about which you feel local residents need to be made aware.

This is not about republishing the archived off topic section, which was closed because of continued abuse - often of a racist nature. Itís about being having a place for people to post about issues that are likely to affect anyone using our site.

We will still be alert, as ever, to posts that breach the forum guidelines, but people are encouraged to post about campaigns which have local ramifications. The place for such posts is in our campaigns and petitions section, but feel free to use any of the other sections that are topic-related to the material about which you are posting. When you do post about a national or international campaign, please try to point out the likely local impact.

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