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Youth Club Annual Litter Pick


North Mymms Youth Project:
North Mymms Youth Project members were happy to do their bit to help keep the local community tidy earlier today with over 100 members and parents turning up for our annual litter pick. We collected litter from several areas around the Parish - from the roads near Welham Green Station and The War Memorial at North Mymms in the North down to Bluebridge Road and Hawkshead Road in the South.  Tons of litter was collected as well as several other items including several parts of cars and even an old toilet!

A huge thank you to everyone who turned up and also to Serco and Welwyn Hatfield Council for providing litter pickers, gloves and sacks as well as agreeing to take away and dispose of the litter we collected.

North Mymms Youth Project:
The youth project did their annual litter pick again at the weekend with over 110 parents and young people helping clean up the local area. Areas we tidied include...

Bluebridge Road
Hawkshead Road
Brookmans Park Station
Bradmore Green
Golf Club Road

Pooleys Lane
Parsonage Lane
Parsonage Road
Dixons Hill Road
Area around the war memorial
Footpaths near The Woodman and Water End Cafe
Station Road
Footpaths near the flood gates in Warrangate Road/Swanland Road

Can you help?

The amount of litter on the roadsides in North Mymms outside the villages is, to be honest, shocking. I know Welham Green Residents Association carry out their own regular litter picks - 3 or 4 a year. Would anyone from Brookmans Park be interested in doing the same? If so please drop us a personal message. Thank you.

Well done all those who contributed, it makes a real difference having tidy streets, shame on those who litter.


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