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The North Mimms Rifle Range
« on: November 05, 2013, 07:54:47 pm »
I have just joined the forum for somewhat selfish reasons - a quest for information. Having  researched with others for some years now the history of rifle ranges, I came across references to a 'North Mimms Rifle Range' and I wonder if anyone knows its former location. One reference is found on a MoD website dealing with lapsed military bye-laws, which lists a 'N.M.R.R' bye-law, but unfortunately, its text and date, when it came into operation are lost. However, experience with similar bye-laws tells us that this range was likely to have been in use from about 1915-18. It's therefore about 100 years ago that rifle fire was alarming the local residents at North Mimms. The second reference relates to postcards, one of which I saw recently for sale on eBay. It showed rows of tents and  uniformed men in  park-like (?) surroundings and was inscribed: 'North Mimms Musketry Camp August 31st, 1915'. The rifle range is likely to have extended back to 600 yards and the targets may have been based at the foot of rising ground.
I just wonder, is anything known locally about where the range was sited?
I live in Cheshire, a little too far away to explore the area in person, but I can be contacted directly at billflentje(at)btinternet(dot)com.

Many thanks and kind regards

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Re: The North Mimms Rifle Range
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Hi Bill

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