Author Topic: OWL message: Appeal for residents to watch empty schools in the holidays  (Read 1100 times)

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Dear Watch Member,

Please can Hertfordshire Constabulary enlist your help in keeping all our county Schools crime free during this summer holiday . Empty or greatly reduced activity at schools can make them more prone to unwanted visitors .

You can be our eyes and ears as you walk  or ride pass or live near one of our schools .

If you walk a dog would you consider changing your route to include passing a school ?

Neighbours should be conscious of strange noises coming from any school sites at night and report these to police.

We would like your help in reporting crime being committed,suspicious activity,or people trespassing on school land ,by either ringing 999 or our Police Non Emergency number 101 if appropriate. 

We will respond with appropriate recourses to any information supplied . 

Do not approach anyone involved, but report it to police asap and if possible note descriptions of people /vehicle index numbers/ where the people  are or direction of travel ,if they are leaving the site .

With your help we can keep our schools secure .

Thank you all for your help .


If you need to reply by email click on my address here:

Derrick Sweeney
Watch Liaison Officer
Neighbourhood Watch
Tel: 01707 355841