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Power consumption monitor - great fun but scary

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We got a British Gas power monitor through the post. Amazing to watch it build up when all the lights are on. We switched three off and it went from 16p an hour to 9p and hour. Ticking over in the morning was about 6p an hour. The oven takes it to 35p an hour, the kettle to 25p an hour.  Bet the big floodlit houses on Brookmans Avenue and Mymms will take it way over the 1 an hour mark. Good to know what's burning energy. Anyone else using this bit of kit?

Yes, had one for about a year.

Defintely helps identifying what's using power.

Even with 'nothing' on I'm still  using around 300W - I guess all the things on standby, a couple of fridge freezers, various chargers and internet router and switch all add up.

chicken legs:
Did it come free, David?

Yes, it was free. They sent us a thing about comparing tariffs and sent this as a freebie (according to Ellie, my wife).

Mr Green:
How is it connected?


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