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Pictures you have taken which you want to share

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I know a lot of people share their images on Facebook, but I thought it would be nice to have a category on this forum where people can upload pictures they have taken which they are particularly proud of.

So here is a new category called 'Pictures you took and want to share'. The only rule is that the pictures must be your own and family friendly.

You can of course continue to add images to any exisiting topic, but this is a sort of off-topic category.

To add an image click on the 'Attachments and other options' link at the bottom of the field where you write a post and then browse to your file and upload.

If the file is too big use the free PicMonkey to resize.


Here's a few pictures of a very difficult subject - small, rare, fast, shy and surprisingly difficult to see when they are still

Also pleased with this as it is so hard to get good feather definition in sunlight

After the excitement of big game - I heard a lot of rustling in the leaf litter and this popped up

chicken legs:
Thank you Webman.  Was the Kingfisher at Rye Meads? 


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