Author Topic: Warning - pothole outside Statons on Bradmore Green  (Read 13324 times)

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Re: Warning - pothole outside Statons on Bradmore Green
« Reply #30 on: March 24, 2013, 05:27:39 pm »
Well said Larrylamb!  We are not making a fuss over a few potholes but the way the job has been carried out and paid for so many times by us the taxpayer. As regards Moffats Lane say no more! The whole pothole and road repair is one Great Joke. Someone somewhere is passing these jobs and WHY!

The pathetic Council should start gritting the Lane, because when the ice and snow cover the potholes this is when the trouble starts.  Lets hope we can get a few answers on here on How MUCH! The pothole repairs to the road outside statons has cost us the taxpayer over the last 3 years! Someone somewhere is on a nice little earner! I wonder who that person or persons are?
Just seen a lady standing next to her car with a flat tyre in Moffats and not looking happy. Pot hole damage?